Service Notices

07/22/2014 – How to Access the Free Italian oasis Wi-Fi

All registered users in Livorno Wi-Fi can access the Free Italian oasis circuit Wi-Fi using the credentials you received via SMS. For users who do not remember the PIN access is available ….

02/04/2014 – New mode for network access Livorno Wi-Fi

Registered users several times to the service they have received as user access NUMERO_CELLULARE + SEQUENZA_NUMERICA (eg 3451234567009) must enter in order to access the mobile phone number normalized (eg 3451234567) and select the link “Forgot your PIN to access” that allows to postpone the password to access the mobile number entered.

Sorry, this entry is only available in Italiano.

In the Project “Innovating Livorno”, Wifi service is active in the following areas:   Mercato Centrale Villa Fabbricotti Piazza del Municipio Piazza Saragat Piazza Attias Piazza Cavour Terrazza Mascagni Piazza Grande Rotonda Ardenza Emeroteca (Via del Toro) Via Fratelli Bandiera Hotspot map in the Municipality of Livorno       Identification network (SSID): “ComuneLivornoWifi”   …